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 +====== Welcome to the Mydas Ascension Community ======
 This is the main page of The Mydas Ascension Community Wiki! This is the main page of The Mydas Ascension Community Wiki!
 +This [[|wiki]] is set up for the use of the friends and fans of [[|The Mydas Ascension]], as well as for the members of the band.
 +Please register for the wiki with a username of your choosing: [[|Register]]
 +Once you've register, just click on the **Edit this page** button at the top of any page to participate. [[wiki:syntax|Editing syntax]] is a good place to learn how to edit the wiki.
 +For comments/questions, look in the [[Help]] section or contact the webmaster: webmaster @ themydasascension . com
 +Right now we have a [[Lyrics]] section. Please head over there and improve it if you can!
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