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 ====== Lyrics for Blind ====== ====== Lyrics for Blind ======
-Blind +Blind\\ 
-I am blind +I am blind\\ 
-Cause I cover my own eyes+Cause I cover my own eyes\\
 Oh I cover my own eyes Oh I cover my own eyes
-And love +And love\\ 
-You are kind +You are kind\\ 
-But I die inside+But I die inside\\
 Oh I die inside Oh I die inside
-Now where are you +Now where are you\\ 
-I need you here +I need you here\\ 
-As dark draws near +As dark draws near\\ 
-And when will you +And when will you\\ 
-Be by my side+Be by my side\\
 I'm tired of trying now I'm tired of trying now
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