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 If you are a member of Facebook, please consider becoming a Fan of The Mydas Ascension: If you are a member of Facebook, please consider becoming a Fan of The Mydas Ascension:
-<a href="http://​www.facebook.com/​pages/​The-Mydas-Ascension/​15675249229">The Mydas Ascension Facebook Page</a>+[[http://​www.facebook.com/​pages/​The-Mydas-Ascension/​15675249229|The Mydas Ascension Facebook Page]]
 We're also on MySpace: We're also on MySpace:
-<a href="http://​www.myspace.com/​islandtheband/​">MySpace Page</a>+[[http://​www.myspace.com/​islandtheband/​|MySpace Page]]
 And you can see videos on YouTube: And you can see videos on YouTube:
-<a href="http://​www.youtube.com/​themydasascension">YouTube Channel</a>+[[http://​www.youtube.com/​themydasascension|YouTube Channel]]
 Listen to our music on Last.fm: Listen to our music on Last.fm:
-<a href="http://​www.last.fm/​music/​The+Mydas+Ascension">Last.fm - The Mydas Ascension</a>+[[http://​www.last.fm/​music/​The+Mydas+Ascension|Last.fm - The Mydas Ascension]]
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